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Radiosurgery, Radiation Treatment and General Oncology Center of  DTC IIBS

In Radiosurgery, Radiation Treatment and General Oncology Center of  DTC IIBS named after Sergey Berezin over 2013 and 2014 years 1187 and 1189 patients had been treated respectively on the Gamma knife installation.  This fact allowed us to become the busiest center in the world among the analogous centers.

The equipment manufacturer company Elekta highly evaluated our department`s wok and issued the congratulatory memorial plate.

The chief executives and the personnel of DTC IIBS join in congratulating and wish the colleagues new reaches of success in the current year!


The radiosurgery center DTC IIBS opened in November, 2008 in Saint-Petersburg.

There are all capacities for modern highly qualified radio surgical treatment of patients with brain tumors, vascular malformations and functional pathology. The center is comprised of in-patient department for 50 patients, computer tomography and magnetic resonance tomography cabinets.

It is extremely important to underline that our center owns the best equipment line for radiosurgery in the Russian Federation.

Only few clinics in the world can boast of having Gamma knife in the inventory, which has been the gold standard of the radio surgical intervention on the brain for more than 40 years already, Cyber knife, which has been well-reputed during the last decade, and the newest accelerator True Beam manufactured by a company VARIAN, which has not become known as first two ones yet, but it is fast gaining reputation as one of the best radio surgical units.